Extraordinary circumstances

What are extraordinary circumstances?

Jack and two colleagues were delayed six hours on their flight from Hamburg to Manchester, due to heavy fog in Hamburg. Bad weather is an extraordinary circumstance which exempts the airline from paying compensation for delay.

Sometimes, the airline will reject your claim for compensation with the reason that the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances – also known as force majeure.

Extraordinary circumstances are beyond the airline’s control and for this reason, you won’t be entitled to a compensation. Extraordinary circumstances include:

  • Bad weather and natural disasters
  • Strikes (in some cases)
  • War or political instability
  • Illegal acts, sabotage or security threats
  • Airport operation issues or instructions from air traffic control
  • Collisions with wildlife
  • Medical emergencies
  • A manufacturing defect in an aircraft

Often you may also find that the airline wrongfully rejects your claim for compensation with this reasoning. At Myflightrefund.ca we know which circumstances that are extraordinary. We can tell whether you are entitled to compensation, and in cases where the airline gives a reason that is not extraordinary, we will take the case to court.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are travelling to or from the European Union or travelling with an airline based in the EU, other rules may apply. Read more here.

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