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About Myflightrefund.ca

  • About Myflightrefund.ca

    At Myflightrefund.ca, we assist air passengers in getting their rightful compensation from the airline. Every year, we help thousands of passengers when their flight has been delayed, cancelled, or overbooked.

    No risks

    Our service is completely free, if we don't succeed in securing your compensation. Read more about our prices, here.

    Highest win-rate

    We cooperate with some of the best lawyers in this field, and we are not hesitant to take your claim to court, if the airline refuses to pay your rightful compensation. This is one of the reasons why we win more than 99% of our court cases.

    Reimbursement of extra costs

    When you file your claim with us, you get your additional expenses reimbursed. If you, for instance, have incurred additional expenses for meals and drinks, accommodation or you had to purchase a new flight ticket, Myflightrefund.ca are happy to help you get compensation for this, when you file your claim for compensation for a delay or cancellation.

    Experts in passenger rights

    We were among the first in Europe to assist air passengers in obtaining compensation from airlines. Today, we are still among the biggest. We're experts in air passengers' rights and have helped more than 370,000 passengers get compensated, which makes us one of the leading claim companies in Europe.
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