How much am I entitled to in compensation?

Winston, Patricia and their three children were delayed for a day and a half from Malta due to a flight cancellation. They were reimbursed for extra accommodation, food and drinks along with their compensation for the flight delay.

The compensation ranges between $125 - $2,400 per passenger. The amount is determined by the length of your delay, the size of your carrier and the type of compensation you are entitled to. You may be entitled to:

Compensation for delayed or cancelled flights (as of December 15, 2019)

Length of delay Amount - Large airline* Amount - Small airline*
3-6 hours $400 $125
6-9 hours $700 $250
9+ hours $1,000 $500

Compensation for overbooked flights (as of July 15, 2019)

Lenght of delay Amount
0-6 hours $900
6-9 hours $1,800
9+ hours $2,400

*Large airline is defined as a carrier transporting min. 2 million passengers a year for at least 2 consecutive years.

Air passengers are also entitled to meals, refreshments and access to means of communication after two hours of delay. If your delay drags out, the airline is obligated to offer you a hotel overnight and pay for the transport to and from the airport.

The airline does not always inform you about these rights. Therefore, be sure to save receipts on the additional costs you have during the waiting time. will help you get a refund of these later.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are travelling to or from the European Union or travelling with an airline based in the EU, other rules may apply. Read more here.

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